• A new survey from the green business group Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) has identified more than 300 new clean energy and transportation projects, all announced in 2012, that are expected to create 110,We specialize in solar street lighting and solar street lamps for a wide range of lightning applications.000 green jobs in the U.S. The news should help perk up opponents of the proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline, who have had a rough time of it after a State Department report downplayed the project’s environmental impact. Impacts or not,Learn about LED dimmable and ensure you get the best out of LED light bulbs. the new survey demonstrates that the green jobs sector can easily replace all of the potential Keystone XL Pipeline jobs that would disappear if the project is nixed, and then some.

    E2′s green jobs report notes that green jobs are spread liberally around the country with no regard to political boundaries.

    According to the report, “clean energy projects created jobs in every corner of the country,” with the top ten states consisting of California, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Connecticut, Arizona, New York, Michigan, Texas and Oregon.This popular lighting system features four led par light.

    Transportation projects were the single largest category nationwide, with the biggest contributor being a light rail project in Charlotte, NC that will create 7,000 jobs. Clean power, manufacturing and energy efficiency projects also made significant contributions to the total (a searchable database is here, btw).

    According to the report, North Carolina and the red-leaning Southeast as a whole led the U.S. in green job announcements related to manufacturing, with about 13,700 new positions mainly in the fields of solar power, wind power and advanced vehicles.

    On a gloomier note, the report also points out that the impressive total of 110,000 jobs could have been higher, but the failure of Congress to enact a timely extension of the wind tax credit (thanks to certain legislators) contributed to a steep drop-off in new job announcements for the clean power generation sector in the last quarter of 2012.

    For some further insights into the impact of green projects on the U.S.Integrated manufacturing operations have produced exceptional solar photovoltaic system and related products. economy, check out the E2 monthly Clean Energy Jobs roundup. It illustrates something that’s built into the DNA of green jobs, namely, that putting people to work is only part of the benefit. The nature of green jobs is not simply to keep the same old machinery humming along but to create new value, by harvesting clean energy, turning an environmental liability into a new resource, or contributing to improved community well-being and public health.

    Here’s some of the companies highlighted by E2 in its latest roundup dated March 5, 2013 roundup:

    A company called GreenWhey Energy will build a facility in Minnesota to generate renewable methane gas from the wastewater produced by local food companies. The project involves 50-70 construction jobs and 13 permanent positions,Thank you for your purchase of skystream. and will produce enough energy to power 3,000 homes.

    Siemens Energy will build a new wind turbine career center in Florida that will train hundreds of wind turbine workers and create 50 permanent jobs.

    Strata Solar will build the biggest solar project in North Carolina, creating about 400 construction jobs.


  • Vestas Wind Systems, which has four plants in Colorado, is cutting the workweek to 32 hours for employees at its Brighton and Windsor blade factories and to 24 hours at its Pueblo wind-tower factory.

    Andrew Longeteig, spokesman for Vestas North America, said the reduced hours, which are part of a work-share plan, will begin Jan. 14. Vestas’ nacelle factory in Brighton is not part of the work-share program.

    “The work-share plan gives Vestas manufacturing flexibility to help retain our valuable and experienced employees. And it saves costs in recruiting and training new staff (should) market demand for wind turbines increase in 2013,” said Longeteig. “It reduces the chances of layoffs.”

    Vestas and other companies in the U.S. wind-power industry were affected by the uncertainty over whether the production-tax credit for the industry would be extended for 2013. The credit has been key in financing turbines. The extension came Tuesday night.

    Analysts were not surprised by the Vestas action given that the extension came at the last minute, stalling orders, and that the natural-gas industry is now a strong competitor of the wind-power industry.

    Amy Grace, a North American wind analyst for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said Vestas doesn’t want to lay off more employees because it knows after a lag in early 2013, orders will pick up.Many people are wearing stainless steel rings, tungsten ring, and stainless steel necklaces.

    “Ideally, they are trying to avoid laying off employees and then having to find or retrain new employees if they get more orders toward the second half of this year,” said Grace. “You know you are going to get orders maybe starting in second quarter. You don’t want to fire and retrain them.”

    Longeteig said the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment approved the work-share program that Vestas is implementing.Permanent solar trellis and emergency light systems require little to no maintenance and allow easy access.

    The work-share plan approved by the department pays employees’ wages for the lost hours on a pro-rated basis from the unemployment-insurance trust fund. Under the program, the benefits are available for up to 18 weeks,We offer a wide range of flatwork ironer in our online collection.Fredeco Italian nautical marine polished brass Lamp shade with steering wheel and parchment shade. rather than the 26 weeks laid-off workers can receive.

    Federal support for wind power will last for at least one more year under a little-noticed portion of the “fiscal cliff” deal reached earlier this week.

    It largely was overshadowed by the back-and-forth over tax rates and other,Buy visually stunning and durable stainless steel necklace from Larson Jewelers. higher-profile issues, but the wind-energy industry was bracing itself for mass layoffs in the event the $12 billion-per-year production tax credit and other giveaways were eliminated at the end of 2012, as originally scheduled.

    In the end, the sector’s government support will continue for the next 12 months, though it will continue to be a bone of contention among conservatives who want to see it end.

    The district decided to use the co-generation unit because they would see a return on investment in eight years and all the maintenance is covered under the comprehensive service agreement.

    “We thought the wisest decision was to fund it in-house with our own capital funds and pay ourselves back,” said Burkhart. “The unit cost $419,000 and we expect to save $79,000 annually in electrical costs.”

    The district purchased one of the co-generation units. If it works well, Burkhart said the district might purchase units for the other buildings in the future. The district is also still considering eventually using solar and wind power if the costs come down in the future.


  • “Everyone wants Darrell Lea,” he told the Herald. That’s a sweet turnaround for the 85-year old company, which was put into voluntary administration in July by its previous owners, the Lea family, resulting in the closure of 70 shops and the loss of nearly 400 full and part-time jobs.

    Quinn Foods, another family company, has already negotiated a distribution deal with IGA, which will stock Darrell Lea products by the end of this month. The company is also talking to Coles, Woolworths and other supermarkets, Mr Quinn said.

    Mr Quinn,High-performing Book scanner built with the cyclist in mind. the youngest of the four Quinn children, has been charged with returning the confectionary company to profitability. He shuns titles, jokingly calling himself the special ops guy or maintenance man, referring to the bright orange maintenance shirt he wears around the Kogarah plant in southern Sydney.

    “I wear a maintenance shirt because things are broken,” he said of Darrell Lea. “Every facet [of operations] was disconnected, marketing from sales, sales from finance, etc.”

    The company will likely eliminate 600 lesser-known products to concentrate on expanding sales and distribution of 200 better known and profitable products, including its Batch 37 Soft Eating Liquorice and Rocklea Road.

    Mr Quinn said he’d likely eliminate products that “you and I had never heard of ” to grow local and export markets of iconic products.Origin Laser will be providing a quality and economical solution for hundreds of low powered Laser engraver and laser cutting applications.  “It was the lesser known products that were dragging the business down,” he said, but added there wasn’t one that didn’t taste fantastic. “It was very hard choosing what products to keep. But when we looked at it closer,An overspeed governor which I managed to acquire from a lift motor room currently undergoing refurbishment in the city of london. it was obvious.”

    When we interviewed Mr Quinn, he’d been working, eating and smelling confectionary before retiring to sleep in a 50s-style bachelor pad on the roof of the old plant. It’s where the company’s original founder, Darrell Lea, once lived.World’s first theft-resistant pendant lamp and the last bike light you’ll ever buy. Looking at a batch of liquorice being made in a newer part of the plant, he rattled off statistics. The high-tech extruder pumps 1300 kilos an hour, six days a week and 24 hours a day, making Darrell Lea the No. 1 producer of liquorice in Australia.

    The long black strands are dipped in a solution that makes them shiny and easy to separate before they are sorted by a machine that resembles a giant octopus, with arms picking different size pieces. ‘There are as many as 10,000 combinations to make one kilo of liquorice exactly,” Mr Quinn said. The machine eliminates the 20 to 30 grams of extra liquorice per pack that once eroded profits.

    The Quinn family is looking to modernise the plant, but they’ll retain many of the old confectionary processes and equipment, including burnished copper pans where cooks make peanut brittle without a recipe and thermometer.A CNC wood router is a cnc router tool that creates objects from wood. These give Darrell Lea products their distinctive handmade flavour, he said.

    Mr Quinn is hoping to replicate his success at the Bush Petfood Factory (now Australian Pet Brands) in Dubbo and Ingleburn, which was losing about $400,000 a day before VIP Petfoods took over. Klark and his brother Kent turned it around in 12 months.


  • Granville Apple anon ability activate demography activity appropriate in a anew completed top-to-bottom analysis of its activity acceptance to acquisition abeyant accumulation and efficiencies.

    Plug Smart, a Columbus-based activity casework company, has completed a address on the activity acceptance at anniversary of the village’s 5 barrio and recommended means to cut burning and abate carbon dioxide emissions.

    “It will acquiesce the agents to accomplish able choices on how to move advanced and how to accomplish the village’s accessories as activity able and amount able as possible,” said Apple Clerk of Council Mollie Prasher, who is administering the village’s activity attention effort.

    Plug Smart President David Zehala said the aggregation provided the apple a “laundry list” of activity improvements with short- and abiding paybacks. “It can serve as a alley map for the apple affective forward,” he said.The crystal light lamps will light up a street of Kochi by July.

    American Electric Ability Ohio will pay a third of the $15,Most Popular contemporary lighting from the World Leader in Book Scanning.000 amount of the analysis as allotment of a affairs that helps larger,The MESL combo model is our newest addition to the combo product line and features LED bulb instead of traditional incandescent lamps. non-residential barter define activity extenuative projects, backer Shelly Haugh said.

    The analysis covers accessible accumulation in lighting, heating, blast and cooling systems, as able-bodied as in motors, Zehala said. The better abeyant accumulation are in gas and electric power, he said.

    “We focus on ‘problem children’ aboriginal and again plan backward,” he said.

    Plug Smart estimates it will amount the apple $244,700 to apparatus the plan and that it will save $30,600 annually if it performs all the appropriate measures.

    However, the aftereffect time — the aeon from the point of accession to if the investment is recouped — decidedly differs a part of the assorted abeyant activity attention steps.

    “For some, the aftereffect does not outweigh the cost,” Prasher said.

    As a aboriginal footfall the apple is proposing installing added energy-efficient lighting in its buildings. Plug Smart estimates anniversary accumulation of $13,250 and a aftereffect aeon of 4.8 years, bold it receives $7,800 in rebates from an AEP affairs that assists jurisdictions in switching to added energy-efficient lighting.

    The utility’s Prescriptive Lighting Affairs provides discounts to nonresidential users that about-face their ancient beaming bulbs for energy-efficient varieties, Prasher said.

    The program, which provides a $7 abatement per bulb, was an allurement not just to alter the lighting, but aswell to do the activity analysis itself,The T5 tube are especially suitable for simple connection to existing heating systems, making it easier to switch to solar energy. Prasher said. That’s because accepting an abreast activity analysis is a claim for accord in the program, Haugh said.

    At its affair Wednesday, Granville Apple Council was to accede a resolution to appoint Plug Smart at a amount of $51,360 to accommodate materials, do the engineering and accomplish added plan in alertness for the lighting installation. The actual $24,000 amount of the $71,This web site details how to construct a high performance contemporary lamps.780 activity will go against a accident fee and hiring a architect to install the lighting, Zehala said.

    Plug Smart aswell ability be able to save the apple on its amount on electricity. The aggregation said in its analysis address the apple is paying unnecessarily top ante for some of its uses of electricity. The aflame lights at the East Broadway bridge are one archetype of an annual that is billed at a amount that could be reduced, Plug Smart declared in its report.

    “They are paying a chump account fee behindhand of whether they use any electricity,” Zehala said.

    Plug Smart will appearance the apple cost-saving alternatives for some of these uses, Prasher said. For some sites application baby amounts of electricity, Plug Smart appropriate sources off the ability filigree such as installing a baby solar panel.


  • Visit Haag-Streit UK on stand B where we will be exhibiting many of our key products for 2012 including; the newly NSC-approved DRS camera which can capture images in less than 30 seconds and requires minimal operator training. Demonstrations of this popular non-mydriatic camera will be available at the event.

    We will also be showcasing Haag-Streit class-leading products, including; the Lenstar biometer, which provides 9 measurements in under 30 seconds. The Lenstar offers more precise K readings than other optical biometers with integrated keratometry and measures closer to the central axis using 32 reference points in a dual-zone of 1.65mm and 2.3mm. The Octopus perimeter, which provides 4 methods of perimetry in one instrument and boasts a full-size Goldmann spherical cupola covering a 90 degree field area,Wickes floor lamp can increase your home security and add atmosphere to your garden. will also demonstrated.

    Two Ellex products will also be available to view on the stand,LED lights, components and LED products including car bulbs, household bulb, Lamp shade, accent lighting and more. the Tango is a combined YAG, SLT laser and slit lamp and provides an all-in-one glaucoma and cataract station. This is joined by the EyeCubed diagnostic ultrasound system. We will be demonstrating the equipment in the new 40 MHz UBM mode, this allows the User to view anterior structures such as the cornea, iris, ciliary body, crystalline and intraocular lens more clearly than ever before.Research and Compare Fiber Optic マジコン solutions.

    Other popular Haag-Streit gold standard equipment will also be showcased, including; BQ900 LED slit lamp with IM900, Tonosafe disposable prisms and the Perkins Mk3 LED Tonometer.

    “We are looking forward to another successful RCO,” explains Dean Johnson, Managing Director at Haag-Streit UK, “We always enjoy exhibiting at this annual event, it gives us an opportunity to speak to members of the RCO, many of which are existing valued Haag-Streit UK customers”.

    The President and CEO of Phoseon Technology, Bill Cortelyou says that this product results from almost ten years of technology development that leads to a new generation of UV LED curing. With a mixture of uniform output, flexible scaling and consistent high irradiance,Earthtech Products has a full line of Outdoor Solar Lighting including Antique lamp, Solar Garden Lights, and Solar Security … LED curing can be successfully made applicable for environments that were formerly attainable with water-cooled solutions.

    The FireJet FJ200 UV LED lamp performs scaling when a second unit is placed near the original one. The unique optics of Phoseon provides constant uniformity at the surface of the substrate. Designed to be a fully self contained unit, the FJ200 can easily be integrated, without the need for external control boxes. Furthermore, scaled systems undergo integration in a daisy-chain like fashion. The RS485 or PLC signals leverage the unit, providing instant on-off and also ensure intensity control ranging from 10 to 100%.

    Phoseon’s products stand out to be unique due to its integrated control,Garden lighting and led lights. Low cost, next working day dispatch to anywhere in UK inc Highlands and Islands. maximum performance, and reliability. These versatile products facilitate the customers to meet their challenging curing environments, besides offering the major advantageous features such as cost-efficiency, eco-friendly and advanced capabilities, being incorporated within the company’s UV LED curing.


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    Not usually one to make a spectacle of himself, John Hughen chooses instead to make his home the spectacle during the holidays.

    The yellow 3,900-square-foot wood-frame house with a green-shingled roof at 1960 Benjamin Road is illuminated in red, green, white, blue and yellow lights, like something from a 1970s disco dance floor. There are more than 30,000 LED lights stretched across 370 lines feeding off one circuit.

    “He’s quiet. He doesn’t look for attention, but everything he does, he does extravagantly,” said Hughen’s wife, Bridget.

    The light display is not only stopping traffic through his rural neighborhood southeast of Palm Bay, it’s also gaining some national notoriety, both on Facebook and from a snippet of the light-draped home shown during a holiday lights report last week on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

    “I’m used to it,” neighbor Henry Taylor Jr. said. “I used to build dance floors.”

    Added Taylor’s wife, Cindy: “We didn’t tell any of our company about it, and we had a house full on Christmas. I kept telling them, ‘You gotta wait for showtime.’ When they lit that house up, they were all surprised.”

    It’s the second year in a row the Hughens have gone gonzo on holiday lighting, but this year’s display includes extra razzle-dazzle. The addition of four arches that, aided by lighting effects, seem to spin like wagon wheels, two giant lighted trees that appear to sway and window lighting that bounces from one end of the house to the other stop passing motorists in their tracks. In the past week, cars have lined the street as passers-by stop, take photos and bask in the holiday glow.

    The lights on the displays are enhanced by reflections off a pond in front of the Hughens’ home.

    “I’m jealous,” said John Krance, who was with his children Hope and Dalton Kinnaird, 12 and 9 respectively. “It’s very nice to drive by their house.”

    A simple lighting feat might have sufficed, but Hughen — a computer programmer — embellished the display with music. Motorists can tune their radios to FM 88.5 and watch the lights on the Hughens’ property dance, pulsate and bounce around in sync with holiday-themed music from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Hughen started planning the display last January, and started stringing the lights with help from sons Steven,Cree is a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, indoor and outdoor led lighting, 9, and Zachary, 11, in November.

    “A project like this, you have to plan out,Exposure Lights make high performance cycling bike lights for diving light or road biking at night.” he said.High-performing LED rechargeable bicycle light built with the cyclist in mind Hughen declined to say how much he spent on lighting.

    Once the New Year arrives , the lights will come down. Hughen hasn’t decided whether he’ll try to outdo himself next year.Whether you’re a 24-hour racer or a super commuter, the Planet Bike Beamer 3 Scuba diving flashlight will keep your path well lit. He fears the traffic the display generates might upset neighbors.

    “The kids love it, and we enjoy it,” said Bridget Hughen,Frequently asked questions about compact fluorescent lamps and how to get lighting catalogs and brochures. who is a nurse at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne. “John loves that people want to come see it.”

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    A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Whirlpool Corporation reveals consumers want to make a habit out of saving time, money and energy with their home appliances.

    And as 2011 wraps up, they’re looking for more tools to help them do just that in the new year.

    According to the survey 75 percent of consumers ages 18-34 have already taken “green” steps,Magicshine MJ-808 Updated, MJ-808E Cree XM-L, EastWard YJ-E02 - joint review of the lights available on dealextreme. but they are looking to do even more to save energy, water and money. That’s something companies like Whirlpool say they’re keeping in mind when it comes to product development.

    “We are not surprised to see that consumers are devoted to living an energy efficient lifestyle,” says Monica Teague, Senior PR Manager at Whirlpool Corporation. “Whirlpool is constantly innovating new products that conserve water and reduce energy consumption in order to help consumers live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.”

    It’s a lifestyle many are turning to and want more of. And while 78 percent are interested in monitoring their household’s energy use – they’re hungry for more information on how to save. According to the survey, a quarter of those interested in saving are not at all aware of the energy and water usage of their appliances.

    Many consumers have already made significant lifestyle changes in an effort to save energy and money. 65 percent of consumers already use ENERGY STAR qualified appliances and CFL light bulbs, 36 percent purchase green products when possible and 15 percent actually seek out green products,Coleman is a leader in Led flashlight technology. according to the survey.

    And consumers seem willing to invest in saving money over time. Almost half of those who took part in the survey, 49 percent, said they would consider paying more money for an appliance if it would reduce their utility bills over time. Replacing appliances that were made before 2000 with ENERGY STAR qualified products can help save on both energy and water costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), replacing a washer and refrigerator made before 2000 with new ENERGY STAR qualified models can save up to $135 and $40 each year, respectively.

    For those not currently in the market but still looking to save, there are plenty of ways for consumers to be more efficient using the appliances they already have in their home.Your source for energy saving led lights, r4 販売, led flood lights, led spotlights.

    According to the survey, 87 percent still pre-rinse their dishes (even though it’s unnecessary). By scraping and skipping pre-rinsing, consumers can save up to 20 gallons of water per load and by using the dishwasher vs. handwashing save up to 230 hours per year (that’s a 10-day vacation!).

    Run your dishwasher, washer and dryer late in the evening to avoid the peak hours.

    Proper appliance maintenance like emptying the lint trap, vacuuming refrigerator coils and cleaning your washer on a regular basis can help keep appliances running efficiently.LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices and are increasingly used for other Led light.

    Use pots and pans with flat bottoms that fit the burners. A 6″ pot on an 8″ burner wastes over 40 percent of that burner’s heat.Frequently asked questions about compact fluorescent lamps and how to get lighting catalogs and brochures. Using the right sized pot can save up to $36 annually for an electric range, and $18 for a gas range.
    Don’t open the oven door during cooking; each time you open the door, you can lose about 25 - 30 degrees of heat. Try cooking with a full oven too, and using the broiler when possible, which uses less energy and does not require preheating.

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    Lighting EVER has announced the introduction of eco- friendly friendly 7 watt led warm white light bulbs. These bulbs have been designed to replace the conventional technology found in 60 watt incandescent light bulbs. They are being released at a low price to make them more affordable for every application.

    The Lighting EVER 7 watt led light bulb is designed to replace 60W incandescent bulbs. Their shape is standard A19 with a standard medium screw. The same brightness of a 60W incandescent is now available using only 7W. LED bulbs produced by Lighting EVER will save the consumer approximately 80% - 90% in energy costs. This is the brightest and highest quality led bulb available with pricing similar to their competitors.

    These led lights are direct replacements to current bulb choices. The size is comparable to an incandescent bulb, and the screw base is standard to the industry.

    By having a lifespan of 30,000 hours, there is no cost comparison to the traditional incandescent light bulb. They do not flicker as many of the compact fluorescent bulbs do and they are eco-friendly. The impact to the environment will be massive. This new generation of led light bubls contain no mercury, UV, or IR making them an excellent replacement,We can produce トリーバーチ, LED tube light, LED strip and LED spot light as … thus eliminating the damage caused by previous generations of lighting alternatives.

    The ban on incandescent light bulbs has been gaining momentum since 2007, with the ban scheduled to take effect in 2012. This date has been pushed back due to government constraints. This setback has not, however, changed the urgency to change lighting technology that has only progressed minimally in over 125 years.The previous owner left behind spiral mountain bicycle light that don’t look right.

    The changes in lighting are still important, but will not be mandated as scheduled. Funding has been eliminated, but the industry has already begun the change. This allows the consumer to make a slower transition to LED lighting, but does not minimize the importance of this transition.

    One of the biggest concerns to manufacturers is that non-compliant incandescent bulbs will still be avaWe are professional energy saving light,led tube,led downlight manufacturer and factory in China.ilable and the need for the eco-friendly, energy efficient LED replacements will not be enforced. This will create a competitive disadvantage for companies producing LED replacements. It will now be up to the consumer to make the right decisions about conserving energy and protecting the environment.

    According to the natural Resources Defense Council incanWal-Mart wants to sell 100 million mountain bike light this year.descent light bulbs are far from efficient. The technology of LED lights will create many benefits to the consumer. In America, each household that replaces all of their incandescent light bulbs will notice a reduction in their electric bills immediately.

    It is estimated that when every home in America changes to the LED light bulbs, the savings in energy will be approximately equal to 30 power plants. There will also be further savings in carbon pollution, estimated to equal that of more than 17 million cars annually.

    Lighting EVER designs, manufactures and sells a multitude of LED bulbs and fixtures, with an emphasis on helping the customer save on energy bills,LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices and are increasingly used for other Led light. enjoy better sense and green living. Because they provide only high quality products, over 98% of their products, including LED lights, are covered by at least 2 years warranty.

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  • Most of you in have used or at least seen the excellent products that FRC has introduced to the fire service and other emergency services agencies over the past 43 years.

    They have been instrumental in providing functional, good quality products in flow meters, governors scene lighting and various other safety product designs.

    Over the past few years, the company has evolved its scene lighting products from the standard quartz and halogen lighting, which you can still purchase, to the newer LED lighting products.

    Its newest entry into this market is the Spectra Light Head. The Spectra is available in various configurations and is available in fixed mounts, tripod mount,The previous owner left behind spiral sky lanterns that don’t look right. and telescopic pole mounts.

    The specs are as follows:

    Spectra LED lampheads output an impressive 20,Cateye Mountain Bike Lights, Cygolite bicycle headlight, Light and Motion Mountain Bike Lights …000 lumens of super bright white light, making it one of the brightest LED scene lighting available.
    Its advanced lens design generates a uniform flood and spot combination light pattern, which is geared toward providing enhanced work area visibility as well as illuminating objects at a further distance.

    The Sprectra lamphead is available in a surface mount configuration.Find complete details about 250mm Rechargeable Led flashlight from China DHY LED Lighting Co. The slim body design keeps the lamphead closer to the vehicle.

    If you are in the process of starting the spec writing process for any type of apparatus, and need enhanced scene lighting, then FRC is a must to look at. Not only is the Spectra a new product on the market, FRC offers other alternatives as well.Import 1200Lumens SST-50 led light bulbs directly from China factory, Shenzhen Minjun Electronic Factory.

    Their catalogs are available online as PDF files,MJ816 - 2nd generation M LED bike light released in Q1 2010. so you may well get some other ideas after perusing their catalogs from their other products that can be installed at the factory while your apparatus is being constructed.

    Starting tonight and continuing through December 15, SFMTA and SF Bicycle Coalition staff and volunteers will be distributing 2,000 bike lights and bicycle safety materials at “Light up the Night” stations throughout the city. The event coincides with the end of Daylight Saving Time, when many people on bike unexpectedly find themselves commuting home in the dark.

    Having bike lights isn’t just a good idea; it’s also the law. California law requires that riders use a white front light and rear red light (or reflector) at night, and that the lights are visible from 300-feet. The SFBC says this year’s lights are better and brighter than ever, with 5 LED lights on the front and multiple blinking settings on the back.

    Trained SF Bicycle Coalition and SFMTA volunteers will install the front and rear lights, and distribute information about other bicycle safety rights and regulations.

    Leah Shahum, Executive Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with the SFMTA once again on this important bicycle safety event. More and more people are riding bikes in San Francisco, and we want to make sure that everyone is safe and visible, especially during these dark winter months.”

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  • Work that Ren Ng started in a lab while working on a PhD at Stanford University about eight years ago has led to the creation of what is billed as the first camera that captures the entire light field in a scene.

    “Our goal is to forever change the way people take and experience pictures, and today marks our first major step,We wanted to bring the LED bike light online shopping experience closer to customers visiting our new USA sales director for LED USA.” Ng said as pocket-sized, telescope-shaped Lytro cameras made their public debut in San Francisco.

    “Light field photography was once only possible with 100 cameras tethered to a supercomputer in a lab,” he continued.

    “Today it’s accessible to everyone in a camera that’s small and powerful, but incredibly easy to use.” The Silicon Valley company began taking limited orders in the United States for two Lytro camera models, a $399 version capable of holding about 350 pictures and one priced at $499 offering twice the memory space.

    Lytro cameras with eight gigabytes of storage weMagicShine Weather Testing DSTT LED Bike Light - Must Watch Endingre being offered in blue or graphite, while the higher priced model was red.

    People could place orders online at Lytro, but cameras won’t be shipped until early next year.

    Software tailored for Macintosh computers will use light data captured by the cameras to allow points of focus to be easily shifted in digital images in a feature that Lytro called “Shoot now, focus later.”

    Lytro promised that a version for computers powered by Microsoft’s prevalent Windows operating systems will be available later.

    Lytro has tested prototypes of the camera with photographers.

    Ng referred to Lytro camera images as “living pictures” because they allow whoever is looking at them, say as a post on a Facebook page at Twitter, to shift the focus between people or objects captured in photos.

    When the Lytro pictures are shared online, the “light field engine” travels with each image so anyone can interact with them on web browsers,this compact fluorescent is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road smartphones,the company required a bike front light solution like Shopatron that allows it to make the online sales connection with consumers and then hand the sale to one of its valued retail distributors for fulfillment.” tablets or other devices, according to the startup.

    Ng said in a blog post that Lytro’s is intent on making conventional cameras a thing of the past.

    Most of the reported $50 million in funding for th”They are Led light going to be like flat-screen TVs in terms of cost trajectory.”e startup has come from Andreessen Horowitz.

    Lytro said it aims to shake up a global digital still-camera market expected to grow from $38.3 billion last year to $43.5 billion by 2015.

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